Couple therapy / couple consultation in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Couple therapy offers you the possibility to address issues which you really want to change in your relationship. There are a row of challenges which long-standing couples have to master. The understanding of couple dynamics helps you to avoid taking things personally and opens up a new path to live fully and intimately together.

Couple consultation: The path to a harmonized life together

Every relationship has its good and bad days. This is normal. Where people are connected with each other, it also leads to conflicts and crises. This can also cause certain dynamics by which individual needs are not met and couples start to drift apart. Especially when out of a conflict, the thought of a separation from each other arises, couples should seize the opportunity to shape their couple relationship actively again. It is important to find a way on which each partner can meet the other with understanding and recognition. Couple consultation helps you. Find back to an affectionate relationship and back to the feeling of safety and hold you desire.

Couple therapy practice Berlin: Room for esteem and empathy

Due to my long-standing experience as a couple therapist, psychotherapeutic practitioner and conflict mediator, I support you to constructively deal with your relationship. Give room to your questions and doubts about your partnership in order to achieve change and improvement by actively communicating as a couple. In my couple therapy | couple consultation, I would like to invite you to first talk openly and in crude terms with each other. This offers the base for a sphere of empathy and esteem, a protected frame for crisis talks and an emotional connection between you and your partner.

The couple therapy initial consultation session: Foundation for change

You got enough of always fighting the same battles? Everyday life, career plans or the education of the children threaten the attraction and the sexual desire between you and your partner? You are steering towards a marriage crisis? You have the feeling to have lost yourselves and do not know anymore how and whether it should go on? You long for ease and balance in your relationship, after rest and peace, after moments at which you laugh again and feel noticed? Within the couple’s therapy initial consultation in my rooms in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, I offer couples the possibility to discuss relationship problems and to master them with lasting effect. In the couple therapy initial consultation session, I would like to get to know you as a couple and as individuals and develop an action plan. In the first pair therapy session, we discuss what is important to you and what are the expectations towards the shared time together. In most cases, for the first 5 to 10 meetings, we should meet weekly or set up 14-day appointments. Depending on your wishes, it can also make sense to agree on an individual consultation with both partners. The expiry of the couple consultation is customized to your needs.

Approach of my couple consultation in Berlin

My approach orientates itself on the person-centred therapy, the gestalt therapy and non-violent communication. Hereby, methods from the discipline of psychotherapy, such as focusing, also come to use. In the center of the therapeutic attention stands the “self-exploration” of my clients. Besides, you learn to assume responsibility for your wishes and your needs. Similar to the “systematic couple therapy” you recognize the patterns which you have developed individually or as a couple and which have become so daily for you that you hardly still perceive them.

My approach mirrors the following concepts:

  • Freedom and openness in consultation
  • unconditional respect and genuineness towards the patient
  • empathetic approach towards the perception of the patient
  • a high degree of self-congruence of the psychotherapist

My way

Based on an honest approach of one person to another, I fully get involved with you and your concerns and offer you professional company as a therapist in your personal development. I support you to realize the changes which you wish to make in your life. Thanks to couple consultation, you can find new concrete solutions for mastering everyday life. Based on the moderated set-up and the neutral outlook of an outsider, you will carry on more authentic conversations than it is possible for you coming out of a crisis situation. Besides, my couple therapy can support you to solve everyday problems on a continuing basis and lets you regain trust in the future. The sessions will help you:

  • Gain clarity and security about what you wish for the future of your marriage or relationship
  • Communicate feelings openly
  • Address conflicts solution-oriented
  • Deal better with problems
  • Take matters into your own hands
  • Deal with difficult situations in your life
  • Be in successful relationships

Topics for couple consultation

Couple relations can look quite different. The reasons for couple therapy are as diverse as couples themselves. My couple therapy / consultation develops according to your wishes and the time you would like to invest. The subjects which we can address in couple consultation / marriage guidance / sexual consultation-sessions are, for example:

  • Loss of trust, outside relationships, mistrust and jealousy
  • Nearness and distance
  • Love, sexuality and affection
  • Communication problems, established conflicts
  • Intentions to separate
  • Power structures in a relationship
  • Monogamous or open relationships
  • Child wish and family planning
  • Crises after child birth & different approaches to raising children
  • Role conflicts with parents in patchwork constellations
  • Assignment of blame and retreat
  • attitudes which you have developed while growing up
  • burdensome relations to parents and family
  • couple relationship, job and family in the balance
  • changed living conditions
  • strengths and weaknesses of the relationship

Set up an appointment with Dr. Ralph Piotrowski in Prenzlauer Berg. I will personally answer your questions that you may have regarding content, procedure and expiry of the consultation. If needed, intensive seminars are also possible. Please also contact me regarding family therapy, supervision, mediation, individual therapybusiness coaching and online therapy offers. I am looking forward to hearing from you.