Ausbildung in Personzentrierter Psychotherapie


Personzentrierter Berater


Promotion zu Kommunikation und Konflikt und Ausbildung in Gewaltfreier Kommunikation
Psychotherapeutischer Heilpraktiker

Dr. phil. Ralph Piotrowski

Freedom, responsibility and solidarity are subjects which have accompanied me for a long time: independently acting and trusting your own experience without squinting on the putative authority of others. I was aided by my education in the individual centred consultation, conversation psychotherapy and non-violent communication.

Since my studies in politics & international relations, I have been interested in how people organise their living together as they relate to each other and how conflicts can be solved in a healthy manner. Conflict escalation mechanisms are very similar, it doesn’t matter whether it concerns a coupe or two nations. And because I wanted to work as specific as possible, I focused in my occupational field more and more on the work with groups, couples and individual people. Empathy and appreciation – the bases of the conversation psychotherapy – were important components of a European research project regarding lasting behaviour which I led from 2010-2013 for the Ecologic Institute. As a Senior Fellow, I dealt with behaviourism and the creation of change processes. For the protection of the environment, I have been active since the earliest days of my youth. I bring the relevant professional experience into the therapy session. For over 20 years, I have offered consultation and accompanied employees and executives which wanted to bring productiveness and humanity into harmony. Since 2009, I have been a member of SOCIUS where I offer individual coaching next to my therapeutic practise and accompany teams in conflicts and change processes. I regularly attend continuing education events hosted among other things by couple therapists like David Schnarch, Charles O’Leary and Anna Auckenthaler. If I find time, I take pleasure in meditating. I am married and I got two children.