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Liberating Relationships

Couple therapy and individual coaching in Berlin

You want to overcome outdated behavioral patterns and reconnect with your partner?

Perhaps you are concerned about one of these issues:

  • You want to build a more powerful and loving relationship for yourself and be able to create a deeper connection to others and the world.
  • You are trapped in constant arguments and wish for more closeness and joint development.
  • After a breach of trust, you would like to regain confidence in each other or master a challenging life event together.
  • You would like to carry out a respectful separation.
  • You want to create promising relationships and boost your self-esteem in your professional environment.

Take the opportunity to strengthen yourself in an individual therapy or visit a couple therapy in Berlin. Give your relationship the chance to develop by understanding and overcoming reoccurring dynamics in couples.

Finding new ways in couple therapy

Neither living together at all costs, nor a constant readiness to separate a

People can change their patterns, when they become more aware of their emotions and actions.nd divorce seem to be the right way to a fulfilled life. One goal of couple therapy is to connect the two worlds. People who are willing to work on their relationship often realize: 

  • People are willing to approach each other if they recognize the same readiness in their partner and meet each other in their vulnerabilities.
  • People are often surprised by qualities and abilities that you have overlooked about themselves or their partner.

Ralph Piotrowski

I have been intensively involved with emotional change processes, for example as the head of a multi-year European research project on behavioral change. In addition to my work as a therapist, I am a partner of SOCIUS eG, with whom I accompany teams, coach executives and advise organizations. My clients include organizations such as the German Red Cross, the European Parliament and Doctors Without Borders.

Mastering the challenges of relationships with couple therapy

A relationship has to endure a lot: When the first time of being in love is over, the normal challenges of everyday life take over. Stress worries or boredom can put a lasting strain on and disturb a couple’s relationship. To recognize and tolerate others and oneself as individuals with their own desires, needs and habits is a challenge that needs to be mastered.

If, in addition, stressful situations arise, such as

  • occupational stress or stress in everyday life
  • a death or accident in the family
  • financial worries
  • a physical or mental illness
  • the personal crisis of a single partner
  • problems in sexuality

the relationship can be severely put at risk.

Many couples describe the birth of a child as the greatest happiness of their lives. This should not hide the fact that having children might also become a stress test for a couple relationship.

For some, the strain already begins during pregnancy, which can have a lasting effect on sex life. The birth is followed by strenuous weeks, months or even years. They are not only characterised by new feelings of happiness but also by lack of sleep, unknown fears and many new tasks.

Recognising that problems are often caused by dynamics that each couple has to master can be very relieving. It opens up a path for new joint experiences. My couple therapy is an invitation to find these new ways. You can explore what opportunities your partnership offers, what potential may have been lost. How you can relate to each other and feel understood by overcoming the entrenched patterns in your relationship.  And whether your difficulties as a couple stem from origins that we can resolve together.

My way of working as a couple therapist

My therapy is based on the person-centered approach which is characterized by authenticity and empathy. The therapist acts as a compassionate counterpart, listening without judgment. My clients feel seen and accepted in their inner core. This experience enables them to face difficult issues that have remained unsaid for a long time.

In our conversations, I attach great importance to clarity and self-responsibility in addition to empathy and emotional inspiration. In a climate of trust and openness, we call a spade a spade without getting caught in blame.

Here you will find further information on the “Couples Therapy Procedure” and on the topic “Couples Therapy Costs”.


Improving professional relationships

My help for your relationship is not limited to the personal couple relationship. With the help of professional business consulting, you can improve your ability to strengthen professional relationships. Help yourself to stable relationships in your professional environment that strengthen and support you. In Business Consulting, I benefit from my background as a couple therapist and conflict mediator as well as from more than 20 years of experience in the field of political and organizational consulting.

Online therapy and support

Are you very busy or are you not near Berlin? Online sessions via Skype or Zoom give you the opportunity to get in touch with me from a distance. It can be advantageous if we complete this form of therapy with occasional personal meetings.

Do you have any questions, or would you like to be stay updated on available appointments? Please feel free to contact me!

Please feel free to contact me!

Here you can set up an appointment in couple therapy consulting with Dr. Ralph Piotrowski in Prenzlauer Berg. I will be happy to answer your questions about the content, procedure and approach of the consultation personally or in advance. About me: I was born in Böblingen in 1970 and moved to Berlin in 1995 after my studies. When I find time, I meditate or like to be active in sports. I live with my wife and our two children in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg and on weekends we like to spend time in our garden in Brandenburg.