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Liberating Relationships

Couple therapy in Berlin: Marriage counselling, couples counselling and coaching for individuals

Self-esteem and conflict prevention, like closeness and shared growth, are important parts of building a happy and loving relationship and a fulfilled life with a partner. You too can achieve these relationship goals. My aim is to support you in bringing more freedom and joy into your daily life.

At my practice for couples therapy in Berlin you will learn to throw out old behavioral patterns and find common ground together. My work aims to help develop engaged, loving relationships that empower partners to be happy together

Your couples therapistin central Berlin:Prenzlauer Berg

My practice is located in Prenzlauer Berg in central Berlin. My years of experience as a therapist, coach, and team supervisor enable me to provide individual support to people experiencing personal or interpersonal difficulties.

Perhaps you are lookingfor oneor more of the following

  • a powerful and loving relationship;
  • an end to constant arguments;
  • increased closeness and shared growth;
  • to rediscover your trust in one another after a difficult experience;
  • to overcome a challenging life event together;
  • to part ways amicably and with respect for one another
  • more rewarding professional relationships.

I want to help you achieve these goals and to support you in sustainably strengthening your relationship – for good. Give your relationship the opportunity to develop by understanding and overcoming your dynamics as a couple.

Overcoming challenges with the help of years of couples therapy experience:

My couples therapy process begins with an initial meeting at my office, which allows us to get to know each other. Together, we will decide how to proceed and identify what is most important to you. The couples therapy will be focused on your needs.

Neither living together at all costs nor being prepared to separate over small disagreements is the way to a fulfilled life. One of the goals of couples therapy is to connect and find a balance between two lives and ways of experiencing the world. 

After years of experience in couples therapy, I am convinced that, with the right approach, everyone has the potential to understand themselves and their relationship and find lasting happiness.

     My clients come to me with problems we are all familiar with:

  • Work pressures
  • Day-to-day stress
  • A death or misfortune in the family
  • Financial worries
  • Physical or mental illness
  • A personal crisis experienced by one of the partners
  • Sexual difficulties

Ralph Piotrowski

I have been intensively involved with emotional change processes, for example as the head of a multi-year European research project on behavioral change. In addition to my work as a therapist, I am a partner of SOCIUS eG, with whom I accompany teams, coach executives and advise organizations. My clients include organizations such as the German Red Cross, the European Parliament and Doctors Without Borders.

These challenges can be overcome with couples therapy. Your relationship will once again give you strength and help you to overcome life’s challenges together – not just for today or tomorrow, but long-term.

What happens during couples therapy?

Ahead of our first appointment, I will send you a short questionnaire to help you prepare for couples therapy. The information you provide will help me to quickly understand important concerns and background information. At our first meeting, we will decide how to proceed and identify the issues that are particularly important to you. In most cases, between five and ten therapy sessions are needed. However, some clients find they only need one or two sessions, while others choose to continue therapy with me for a longer period of time. At the end of the appointment you will have time to take note of any important thoughts and realizations.

A therapist with a proven record in couples therapy: successful approaches to marital counselling

Through my intensive people-focused work I have learned that established patterns can be changed in every relationship. It is possible to become aware of one’s own feelings and behaviors. This is achieved through conscious dialogue between yourself and your partner.

Couples therapy means working on both the relationship and on yourself. I will guide you on the road to being together authentically. Every situation requires a different approach, and methods from the following fields will be used to work through problems:

  • Person-centered therapy and counselling
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Nonviolent communication (NVC)
  • Body-oriented psychotherapy (Focusing)
  • Emotion-focused therapy (EFT)

Along with empathy and emotional inspiration, clarity and personal responsibility are important factors in counselling sessions. In an atmosphere of trust and sincerity, we will be able to talk about problems without getting tangled up in a web of recriminations.

Individual couples therapy and couples counselling in Pankow, Berlin

It can be a big relief to learn that our problems are often rooted in dynamics that all couples face. This realization can also open up pathways to new shared experiences. My couples therapy sessions invite you to discover these new paths. You will explore the possibilities that exist within your personal relationship, and discover what potentials are yet to be explored. Therapy identifies points at which entrenched behavioral patterns can be interrupted in order to reinvigorate a flagging relationship. As a couple, you will identify your difficulties and their causes, which we will then work together to resolve.

For many couples, events such as the birth of a child are among the most joyful periods of their life. However, this should not obscure the fact that such an event represents a huge life transition with the potential to put a great deal of strain on a couple’s relationship. Couples counselling can highlight potential ways of dealing with these new and challenging situations. For some, the challenges begin with pregnancy, which can have a long-lasting impact on a couple’s sex life. The weeks, months, and even years following the birth are marked by happiness – but also by lack of sleep, unfamiliar worries, and a multitude of new responsibilities.

Couples therapy as the key to understanding relationships

Sometimes, all you need to understand yourself and your relationships is time and space to talk it through. Conversations can help you describe and understand the hurdles you are facing in your relationships. In my couples therapy practice, removed from your daily routine and away from the demands of family life, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns in a professional conversation with good prospects of success.

These conversations can help you to find a lasting resolution to daily arguments and to work on the future of your relationship. It is often possible to make very fast progress. The therapy will help you to…

  • gain clarityand security about what youand your partner want for the future;
  • make space for your feelings and discuss them openly;
  • find and successfully implement solutions to conflict;
  • find a way to deal with problems;
  • dare to make changes and learn how to deal with them;
  • develop and grow personally and expand the scope of your actions.

In the long term, couples therapy can be your key to understanding relationships. Together, you will find a way to enjoy a fulfilling relationship.

Strengthening yourself with individual coaching

Individual coaching and individual conversations are helpful in clarifying your own thoughts and feelings and in expanding the scope of your actions. People are not always aware of their own needs, desires, and expectations. During individual coaching sessions, I will help you understand what you want from a relationship or for yourself. Individual coaching may be a useful supplement to couples counselling.

You will learn ways of openly communicating your feelings and desires. Rather than ready-made solutions, I will offer you a framework that allows you to find your own path to inner strength.

Overcoming professional challenges: business consulting

Many of my clients also face challenges in their professional relationships with supervisors or colleagues. Difficulties at work often spill over into our home lives. In business consulting sessions I can shows you ways to improve your capabilities and successfully manage and strengthen professional relationships.

Learn how to strengthen and protect yourself and how to balance your private life with a stressful job. In business consulting sessions, we consider all the areas of your life that you would like to work on. Individual coaching allows you to develop yourself in order to pursue and achieve your personal goals with energy and resilience.

Marriage counselling in the Berlin practice or online

Nowadays, it is possible to carry out successful marriage counselling online. For this reason, I also offer online appointments via Skype or Zoom. This gives you the opportunity to access support even if you travel a lot or do not live near Berlin.

This type of conversational therapy is complemented by occasional meetings in my Berlin office. Online counselling may be of help to couples who

  • are in a lon-distance relationship;
  • travel aa lot;
  • don’t have time to travel to and from my office; or
  • feel more comfortable at home.

My practice is centrally located in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood near Eberswalder Straße U-Bahn station.


Couples therapy in Berlin: Prices

Counselling appointments for individuals are exempt from VAT in Germany. Couples therapy is exempt from VAT if it is recognized as a curative or preventive psychotherapeutic treatment. My rates are as follows:

Questions about couples counselling? Get in touch!

If you have any questions about the issues you would like to discuss, my methods, or the therapeutic process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. There is space on the contact form for any questions. You can also use the form to arrange a consultation appointment in person or to obtain further information about appointments. Alternatively, you are welcome to send me an email.

Intensive workshops can be arranged on request. Feel free to ask me about supervision, mediation, counselling for individuals and business coaching. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Couples counsellor Dr. Ralph Piotrowski in Berlin

About me: I was born in Böblingen in 1970 and moved to Berlin in 1995 after finishing my undergraduate degree. In my free time, I like to meditate and play sports.

I live with my wife and our two children in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin.
We like to spend our weekends on our allotment in Brandenburg. I have worked in counselling for over 20 years. In addition to counselling couples, I also provide guidance to employees and managers in various different companies.

Trained in person-centered psychotherapy

Person-centered counsellor

Doctoral thesis on communication and conflict; trained in nonviolent communication

Holistic psychotherapy practitioner

Advanced vocational training in emotion-focused couples therapy with Les Greenberg
My wide-ranging professional practice rests on a foundation of empathy and respect as well as on emotional inspiration, clarity and personal responsibility. I look forward to meeting you soon!